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To mindfully sit with my thoughts and not turn to social media when there is a moment of idleness was exactly what I needed.

The lack of interruptions was startling. I was unaware how anxious I was for the next interruption, until "it" kept not happening.

I was surprised how much I was able to complete in a 30-minute time slot. The environment is distraction-free and very conducive to maintaining focus.

I think of myself as not distracted in general, however, I think I must be much more distracted than I realized.

Cannot believe how much I was able to accomplish. I decided to have no clock other than the countdown timer, and it revealed how distracting the clock is in my day-to-day life. The clock. Who would have guessed?

We have become so culturally accustomed to always having work that needs to be done that it still feels like we’re doing something wrong if we have scheduled quiet time.

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