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The Quiet Workplace is changing the conversation about how we work.

Professionals not only need moments to collaborate, but they also need time and a place to think alone. Work needs to balance thinking and doing, time spent together and time apart.

Being a member of The Quiet Workplace provides you a special, dedicated place to work alone, without distractions, interruptions, or non-stop noise. You deserve somewhere for quiet concentration, and I built the place for you, in Southern Pines, NC.

The Value of Membership

Imagine you have an important proposal to write, a meeting agenda to organize, or critical tasks to prioritize. In your work environment, whether it’s at home or at the office, you find yourself constantly divided, distracted, and pinged by co-workers, family members or clients. The Quiet Workplace gives you access to a place to get special work done without worry that you’ll get sidetracked, by others or yourself.

Like you go to the gym to exercise, you join The Quiet Workplace to get deep work done without distractions.

Become a Member of The Quiet Workplace

The Levels of Distinct Access

Every professional has different demands for quality time alone to think. For some, it may mean a few hours a week or month and others it is a weekly or daily demand to step away from the noise. We have designed distinct packages of hours that you will give you a protected space where you know you can go with confidence.

After purchasing a block of hours, you have 12 months to use them before they expire. It’s not a monthly or annual subscription, but a decision for a set amount of quiet time:

  • Gold $400

    40 Hours

  • Sliver $300

    20 Hours

  • Bronze $200

    10 Hours

Once a block of hours is used, each member can decide to renew with the same set of hours or more, based on projected use of the space.

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